[2018 Passtcert Update] Cisco CCIE Data Center 400-151 exam answers

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Share some CCIE Data Center 400-151 exam questions and answers below.
Refer to the exhibit.

Corporate ABC wants to implement control by allowing authorized virtual machine MAC addresses tosend traffic to the Internet. The administrator wants to add this MAC ACL on Nexus7k-1 to achievethetask
[Configuration Output]
mac access-list mac-ad
permit 0050.561F.73d30000.00fF.ffff any
interface el/1
mac access-group mac-ad
However, this action does not work.
Which two statements describe the issue? (Choose two.)
A. The MAC address and mask do not match.
B. The MAC ACL cannot be applied to egress traffic.
C. This command is wrong to apply this ACL under interface.
D. The sequence number is missingfrom the ACL.
E. The MAC ACL is not supported on Cisco nexus 7000 Series.
Answer: B,C

Which option is achieved by enabling FabricPath?
A. decreases themobility and virtualization
B. loop prevention and mitigation without the use of Spanning Tree
C. single control plane only for multicast traffic
D. Layer 3 multipathing in the FabricPath network
Answer: B

Which solution is preferred for predictable traffic in a vMware environment running Cisco Nexus1000vSeries switches?
A. end-host mode
B. fabric failover mode
C. client mode
D. server mode
E. standalone mode
Answer: A

Refer to me exhibit.

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. VLAN segregation should be configured in Cisco UCS using VLAN Manager.
B. VLAN segregation should be configured in Cisco UCS using PVLANs.
a. when I hear segregation I think PVLANS
C. The Fabric Feature cannot be used in this topology under any circumstances.
D. Service profiles should contain a single vNIC per fabric, trunking VLAN 100-250.
a. Not sure about a single vNIC but the other option says two NICS and service profiles use vNICS.
Also you can configure multiple vlans per VNIC and enable fabric failover for the redundancy.
E. service profiles should contain two NICs per fabric, with one trunking VLAN 100-150 and anothertrunking VLAN 200-250.
F. VLAN segregation should be configured in Cisco UCS using pin groups.
Answer: B,D

Refer to the exhibit.

Which outcome of this configuration is true?
A. Any newly created traffic flows do not use this fabric interconnect.
B. Alltraffic ceases to flow through this fabricinterconnect after a reboot.
C. Servers cease to use this fabric interconnect upon next reboot.
D. All traffic ceases to flow through this fabric interconnect.
Answer: D

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