[2018 400-101 Update] Cisco CCIE 400-101 exam answers

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Share some CCIE 400-101 exam questions and answers below.
Which statements are true about trunking?
A. When removing VLAN 1 from a trunk, management traffic such as CDP is no longer passed in that VLAN.
B. Cisco switches that run PVST+ do not transmit BPDUs on nonnative VLANs when using a dot 1 q trunk.
C. DTP is a point-to-point protocol.
D. DTP only supports autonegotiation on 802.1q and does not support autonegotiation for ISL.
Answer: C

Which two statements about static routing are true?(choose two.)
A. It provides better security than dynamic routing
B. It is highly scalable as networks grow.
C. It reduces configuration errors.
D. It requires less bandwidth and fewer CPU cycles than dynamic routing protocols.
E. It can be implemented more quickly than dynamic routing.
Answer: A ,D

Which statement about Cisco StackWise technology is true?
A. Only the master switch acts as a forwarding processor
B. All switches in a stack share configuration and routing information to behave as a single unit
C. Every switch in a stack has its own independent and uncoordinated configuration file
D. Removing switches can affect stack performance
Answer: B

A packet from network destined for network arrives at R1 on interface Gi0/0, but the router drops the packet instead of transmitting it out interface Gi0/1.Which feature that is configured on R1 can cause this problem?
B. split horizon
D. spanning tree
Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statements about the given NetFlow configuration are true? (Choose two)
A. It supports a maximum of 2048 entries
B. It supports only IPv4 flows
C. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 flows
D. It supports only IPv6 flows
E. It uses the default port to send flows to the exporter
Answer: A, B

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